Clay Modelling

Lucky enough to have the chance to study an elective at Monash University, Transport Design, I was able to continue this elective into my fourth year studying Clay Modelling under the guidance of GM Holden Clay Modeler Mike Chester. Clay Modelling is one of the greatest ways to create quick forms in my opinion with the whole process being a creative one compared to my experiences in CAD where the focus is mixed on getting a surface that works in the CAD program first rather than one that is accurate to your drawings.


The early clay development shows a clay model being created at 1:5 scale to a strict package drawing. Unfortunately at this time my package drawing was leading my sketching too much and as a result my form was rather boxy.






The later development was created after my Mid Semester Critique where the earlier form wasn’t well received  I printed out some thumbnails of my package drawing and sketched a form that was much sleeker and smoother in my eyes and I just worked from these new dimensions for the newer models.

Clay Modelling i think really opened my eyes to another avenue of transport design that I had previously been oblivious too and is one that I intend to continue practicing in the future.


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