Major Project Sketch Development

After the Mid Year Critique, I took another look at my vehicles package and began cutting down and creating a leaner, sleeker form. Inspiration came from not just the package however but also my clay model which I had been working on for the 5 months before that. In the market segment i was looking at too, concept luxury vehicles such as the Peugeot HX1 and the Citroen Numero 9 were vehicles whose captured the sleek fastback form that I aimed to create for my concept.


This is a selection of sketches which show the initial change in form from the previous packaging. I explored a much sleeker variety of shapes daring to be a bit more conceptual that previously.


Through these earlier sketches i began further refining my vehicles package looking at where needed to be higher or lower , longer or shorter. I took some of the forms you see above and refined them further into something that started to hint at my final form.


These forms above have begun to capture the sleek lines I was looking to create and have begun including proper provisions for wheels and doors etc. Details such as headlight and tail light placement, window line, suspension arms were beginning to be considered at this point too.


These sketches here show the overall form I have chosen and the refinement that went along with it. Sticking with enclosed wheels with in wheel electric motors and a large glass house which reached down to the front bonnet area I was able to adjust my packaging to allow for the forms shown above to be viable. Further refinement here included proper tire sizing, door openings, interior space, power train and suspension placement for the package.

The vehicle graphics such as the side profile was important to refine here as the connection between the front and rear “pods” which housed the wheels, dominated the side profile. Further smaller graphics such as head and taillight placement as well as functional venting was also refined at this stage.


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