Major Project- Package Development

As seen in my previous post, you can see my form development change and follow various directions, some following a single form others a more random shape usually inspired by and organic shape. 

The following upload represents the first semester vehicle package development. I took inspiration from the stylish people movers aswell as standard passenger cars for a blend of style and function, especially in the interior. After purchasing two car seats I was able to live out my package drawing in my driveway placing the seats in a 1:1  package drawing in chalk and using some friends as measures to go by. As you can see the package took a number of different forms due to the various design choices I made through the semester this usually involving varying the number of occupants.


After further evaluation of my interior I narrowed the number of people from six down to four. This meant that I could properly refine how these four people were to sit in the interior and mark out the space that they all required. This involved further testing with people in the measured out interior as shown by the photos and looking at the kind of seating arrangements that I thought were useful for a driver less car. My aim was create an interior that reflected the new age of automotive development where everyone was a passenger and I really wanted the feel of the interior to reflect that. Here i seriously began thinking about the technologies that were to be a part of the car and certain ” car” bits such as tires and power train and including these in the thought process so that the end result was realistic. The form I presented at my Mid Sem Critique was also refined into a proper package here as well. 


The following sketch was the turning point at the middle of the year, altering my mid semester form into one which was sleeker captured the speed of the form that i was looking to achieve. This sketch was made over my previous vehicular package and modelled in clay, beginning a major design change.


After this major design change, most of the updates to the package were made to purely reflect the current form and to make sure whatever design I was pushing had a level of realism according to the package. One of the main design considerations I made after mid semester was to reduce the number of seats that had rotational movement. Initially all four were designed to move but after further analysis I realised that only the front seats needed to be able to move to create an interior theme that was more social. Allowing rotation in all seats meant a much wider vehicle that would lose the newer proportions i was aiming to achieve. Having movement in the rear seat I believed didn’t add much to the overall social mood of the vehicle and what movement there could be would be quite limited regardless. Final power train dimensions, tire sizes, door trims, headlight and tail lights were all finalised here in tune with the refinements in form development.






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