Model Making Process- CNC Machining Part 2

Realizing some parts of my model were quite tough to machine out without creating alot more individual parts than I already had, I had to look around for other machines that I could use. The RMIT TAFE up the road actually had access to a larger Roland CNC Machine that cut using 4 Axis. This meant that the parts that could be cut out on this machine could be rotated to allow the drill to access parts which were originally undercuts.  This machine being bigger was a great help for helping to create the outer wheel pods of my concept with the help of the Technician who allowed the machine to run overnight, saving me a bunch of time.


The program used here was called Modela. This program was taught to the Product Design students at the Tafe and was extremely helpful. It was a simpler program compared to SurfCam only requiring experience to know how to push the machine to work that little bit smarter than usual

The RMIT Gossard Workshop also had a Roland Machine which was a 4 axis machine but was often used as a 3 axis. This machine which I ended up learning how to use by myself, had rather simple interface but still took a bit of fiddling about to get it working perfectly. This machine was able to create very good finishes on parts but being a smaller machine with smaller drill bits was quite a bit slower.  Through using this myself I was able to learn to run tool paths through the SRP Player and also where I could push the machine to work faster or slower depending on the complexity of the part. By the end of the project I felt confident enough to run the machine entirely by myself and was able to run other students project parts awell.


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One thought on “Model Making Process- CNC Machining Part 2

  1. sean ahner says:

    It was cool! A machine with 3 axis is good for me but there is a 4 axis machine for a quick end of working with this machine. Thank you very much for sharing!

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