Model Making Process- Final CNC’d Parts

After about 3 Weeks the majority of the parts for my model had been CNC’d out from 4 different  CNC machines. While relieved that I was up to the final part of the model making process, the issue that I had to face here was that because each machine worked to different tolerances ,y used different drill bits, not all the pieces would match up perfectly. This was also the case for the pieces which required more sanding than others, human error being the main problem here from sanding too far.

I ended up with quite a large number of parts, a lot higher than the others in my class due to the size limitations of the machines as well as the number of undercuts the parts I had contained. Throughout the process i attempted to put these pieces together to see my model coming together.


Through the following images you can see the sanding that was required on some of the parts. Some came out with very little sanding needed (>10 min) some needing small bits of dowel to get into smaller radius’s.  The hardest parts to sand where the ones which joined onto others through flimsy joining areas, these were only able to be sanded properly once the parts were glued to each other and required very careful handling to minimize bogging later. I sanded here using 80- 240 grit paper. 80 grit for the really rough stuff and 240 for getting the parts ready for paint.

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