Model Making Process- Putting The Pieces Together ( Part 1)

After sanding down what I could with the 20 or so parts, I began mocking up the final shape of my model with just masking and double sided tape. On the final day of CNC’ing, while I was waiting for  one of the machines to finish with my parts i decided to cut out a foam block which at the time i assumed would make up the internal structure of my final model. Using the dimensions from my CAD file which was basically what was left of my model once i took off all the parts that were to be CNC’d i had basic dimensions of the shape I needed. I gathered some scraps from the workshop, printed out the technical drawing and got to work. Using scraps from around the RMIT workshop, epoxy glue and double sided, the hot wire and the band saw, i was able to get a pretty accurate shape going for the inside of my model.  When i got home I sanded it down a bit more and was able to place the parts around it to get a good idea of the shape that the model was taking and where the possible areas for bogging would be.


These images are were the first stages of putting the parts together. I decided the order to put the parts together were the sides, then work from the front and across the roof towards the back. This mean that if there were any mistakes they would be pushed towards the back of the vehicle rather the front. Using a bunch of g clamps and lots of 5 minute epoxy i got to glueing the parts together and the parts started to take shape. Some parts required more sanding than others so I pulled out the dremel tool to speed up the process. Image

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