Model Making Process -Putting the Pieces Together ( Part 2)

After gluing together most of the sides i began to place in sections such as the base, back and some roof parts to see how they fit. It was important to keep checking this as each of the parts were machined to slightly different tolerances. 

Overnight i clamped the sides together to a roof section to pull the side sections into the shape I was looking for. In the morning i took off the clamps and this resulted in a shape which fit the roof section almost perfectly with a friction fit. Before putting in the roof section, starting from the front so that any errors in measurement would appear at the back i placed in some wooden support pieces which i glued to the inner sides of the model. These supports would make gluing the roof in place easier as well as give strength. 

The joins between the roof parts was really good, they were very small and were easily fixed with bog and spot putty. By working from front to rear, the main errors, one which i expected due to a mistake in CNC’ing appeared only in the rear area meaning the rest of the model went together easily. The mistake led to a gap almost 3 mm wide on the roof section and also about the same on the right side. It was a matter here of choosing whether to sand back, or bog up to fill the gap, I chose to sand down as bog, as easy as it is to use, is very tough to sand back if you add too much.



This was the model after placing the remaining roof pieces, you can see clearly here where the errors were and how many pieces were required to join the roof together. Running on little sleep and high stress levels discussing with my dad the best strategy to glue this all together was crucial in not making any mistakes and creating the most even finish.



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