After gluing most of the main body parts to my model bar the rear parts i began filling up gaps left by glue and general gaps left by parts not fitting in perfectly. I used a combination of auto bog and spot putty which helped me to fill up gaps quickly with minimal sanding. This part was crucial as all these joins had to be completely smooth so that come priming, the model hopefully wouldn’t require too much coats from the painter ( more primer, more cost) . The parts at the rear of the model required quite a bit of bogging and sanding back to get them to be flush with the other parts. 

I began working on the outer sections of my model here, the wheel hubs which due to limitations in the CNC machines I had , had to be cut up into a number of small parts. Once put together, I had quite a bit of fine sanding to do to get into the small radius’s left by the drill bits. Some of the wheel hubs needed a lot of sanding due to errors in the programming of the CNC but after a bit of sanding they were good to go. 


After sanding the front wheel hubs down till they were smooth i began sanding down the parts where the body and the hub join. This part needed to flow perfectly as it was a major part of the side graphic of my design. 


Once the front parts were sanded flush, I went back to prepping the rest of the model for paint. The painter had requested I get the model sanded back to between 180-240 grit so I had quite a bit of work to do to. In between sanding or gluing I wiped down the model with methylated spirits to keep it clean of any foreign objects to ensure a clean and strong adhesion. Any parts which had small areas to sand down i masked off with tape so that I had clean edges that would show up in paint. 

The 3D printed suspension housing was sanded down here to fit with the model. It was important that I get both the wheel hub and the suspension arm to fit snug or else I would have alot of issues sanding down the 3D printed part which is not something I wanted to do due to its brittleness. To make the 3D printed part harder we coated it in a 2 part epoxy resin by West Systems. This was brushed on and soaked straight into the Z-Corp Powder Printed parts. After sitting it in front of a heater to speed up the drying process, the part became almost marble like with a grayish hard finish.  This made the part even harder to sand hence why I wanted to get the wheel hubs fitting as best possible at this stage. 

Any gaps in the model such as the ones that appeared in the rear were being polished off here and sanded down as flush as possible. 


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