The day after I saw the first coat of paint being applied ( Strato Grey) the final body colour was put on just the next day and the model was ready to pick up within 36 hours. The main body paint I chose was a Toyota Pearl White. This colour contrasted well with the dark grey windows and was a colour that reflected luxury and wealth and looked good in almost any light. Through some research over the last couple of days, I had narrowed the colour choices down to a range of metallic colours such as beige gold and bronze and also a number of different shades of white. This Pearl White wasn’t something that i was able to render too well in KeyShot ( CAD program for rendering) but after seeing a new Toyota 86 on the road in pearl white I knew that was a colour that would work really well. As mentioned in the previous posts, using Adams manufacturer swatches I was able to choose out the exact Pearl White that I wanted. Pearl White is a tougher paint than most to apply because it is applied in 3 layers. These are the base colour ( very light off beige white) then the Pearl Sparkle ( in White) then the clear coat. Three layers means three layers of paint to be applied, three times the drying time making it quite a tough job to complete properly. Thankfully Adam was experienced in this area and the paint job came out really nice, really contrasting the windows well.

The final stage of the process was to add on the 3D printed parts for the small details such as the suspension arms and head/taillights and the model was ready for presentation.   

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