VACC Automotive Design Awards

Recently I entered the VACC Automotive Design awards and I was lucky enough be chosen as the winner of the Tertiary Design and Essay Categories. Amazingly i was also nominated 3rd in the Tertiary Model Making category which makes some extremely stressful weeks of CAD and the following build of the model feel so much more worth it.

This Poster was my entry for the Design Category


A mix of photos and CAD for a recent publication

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2 thoughts on “VACC Automotive Design Awards

  1. John says:

    Daniel, this is a really visionary and graceful design, and I would love to get it up on my site. Feel free to get in touch with me. 🙂

    • debonos says:

      Hey John,

      Apologies for the late reply, been in and out of the state recently so my WordPress hasn’t been checked as often as usual. Thanks for your comments! Good to hear others like my design too. Id love to get a page up on your site, just drop me another message with what you needed in regards to text or images and ill send them over.


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