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VACC Automotive Design Awards

Recently I entered the VACC Automotive Design awards and I was lucky enough be chosen as the winner of the Tertiary Design and Essay Categories. Amazingly i was also nominated 3rd in the Tertiary Model Making category which makes some extremely stressful weeks of CAD and the following build of the model feel so much more worth it.

This Poster was my entry for the Design Category


A mix of photos and CAD for a recent publication

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Model Making Process- CAD Process

Throughout the concept development process it was important for me to create CAD models to help visualizing my ideas through other mediums apart from sketching. This gave me the ability to block out forms quickly and utilize it as something that I could sketch over to refine certain shapes that I liked. 

I used Autodesk Alias to surface my model for my major project this year after learning to use it for a semester in 2011. I believed that this program was the best choice as it was a sought after skill in the automotive industry. Using online tutorials and the help of some friends who were also learning to use the program I was able to skill up to a level that was high enough to enable me to surface a form that could be transferred for CNC machining as well as CAD rendering. 

The top half of the images represent the earliest CAD models where the surfaces were created more to show form generation rather than clean surfacing. The later half represented a CAD model that I intended to use for both CNC Machining and Rendering with much cleaner surfacing and better reflections. 


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