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Since the Model was back from paint, the final bits to go on where the 3D printed parts. These parts as shown by a previous post ( scroll down) were cleaned and sanded slightly to prepare the surface for priming. These parts while small needed a lot of sanding to get the surface smooth for painting.  I used 240 grit sand paper here and had to be extremely careful as the parts were quite small and fragile. With the Objet Printed parts ( yellowy plastic) you can actually paint straight onto these parts however applying a layer of primer is important to get a smooth even surface as primer just helps to fill up any inconsistencies you may not see or feel. 

All the smaller parts you see here are for the headlights and taillights of the model. The larger solid parts are the Z-Corp Powder prints and these have been soaked in Epoxy Resin for Strength and sanded down ready for priming. Image

You may not be able to see it from the picture but all the parts above still don’t have extremely smooth surfaces. This is because some of them were so small and fragile that I didn’t want to risk breaking a printed piece since I didn’t have any replacements. After this photo was taken I did however sand them down a little further and then the Acrylic Primer Surfacer was applied. This Acrylic Primer Surfacer was made for use on plastics meaning it will adhere to the surface better than standard Primer Putty. The Primer Putty is then applied over the Surfacer to give the pieces that extra layer to hide any surface roughness. Once the Primer Putty is applied twice the pieces were given a light sanding back and then the chosen paint applied . I glued the pieces down to a wooden box and just sprayed them outside in my garden. I coated them with at least three layers of Automotive Acrylic Paint ( Purchased at Autobarn) and then a coat of the Acrylic Clear Gloss to give the pieces a bit of a shine. The pieces were then ready to be glued onto the model.



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